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Top Friends

Choosing your top friends:

Choosing your top friends is very simple. Just follow the next couple of steps:
  • Go to your control panel, and top friends page
  • Check the friends you wish to show up on the top friends list
  • Move them around by clicking the arrows
  • Click the Change Top Friends button and your done

Making your top friends display box:

To create a box for your top friends on your profile page just go to your section control area of your control panel and choose Friends Section from the drop down under add new section, click submit and your all done. You can then do what you want with that section display wise. Also there are some special attributes that can be used in the friends section, to set these attributes go to your control panel find your friends section and type in something to this extent: numberacross=3,picwidth=100,picheight=100

Explanation: The numberacross=3 statement is just the number of friends you would like to display in each row on your profile page. Right now it would display 3 friends on one row and then go to a new row, to change this just edit the number and it will display a different amount across. The picwidth and picheight attributes are so that you can customize how big the pictures of your friends list will be. For example the picwidth=100 means that if the default picture of the person is greater then 100 pixels then it will be reduced to 100 pixels wide, and the same goes for height.

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