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This guide is intended to help you through the process of Blogging on YouDot. Hopefully after you have read this, you will be set.

  1. Log into your YouDot account.
  2. Click on the 'Control Panel' link near the top of the browsing window.
  3. Once you are in the Control Panel click the 'Blog' link. This will take you to your Blogging control panel.
  4. To add a new blog click the 'Add new blog' link.
  5. Now, enter a title for your blog. As soon as you're finished, click in the text area below and write your blog.
  6. Once you're finished writing, you will publish your blog for others to see. To do this, simply click the 'Submit' button which is located right under the text box.
  7. You're done! That was easy.
Side Notes:
  • To view your blogs you can either go to your Blogging control panel and click the 'List Blogs' link or you can view your profile and click the Blogs button.
  • There is no ability to keep a blog private at this time, so be sure you want to post it.
  • You cannot delete a blog at this time but what you can do is Edit the blog via the Blogging control panel. You can change the blog or erase it but it will still appear in your list of blogs.

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