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Creating an account

Creating an account is fast and easy here at YouDot!

To create an account, if you do not already have one, all you have to do is click the register link in the top left of your screen.

Once there all you have to do is fill out the information needed for your account and hit submit!

There are a couple rules when creating an account however. Your username can only be a combination of 16 letters or numbers, which is also case sensative. We cannot allow punctuation marks or other marks like it because of how our system is set up here. However even with just using numbers and letters there are 273,342,452,889,765 possible names, 45557 times the world population, so there is no reason as to why you cannot find a name.

We do not encourage having multiple accounts however as of right now there is no rule against it.

Email: We just use e-mail to validate your account if it was to ever get taken over by someone else (through no fault of our own, it would have to be from someone gaining your password by you giving it out). We will never email you with anything other then password recovery and account validation.

Private profiles: By checking the private profile box then you are saying that you would like to keep your profile private to those who are not on your friends list. However, if you accept people onto your friends list then they can see your profile so be careful who you add to your friends list. By not checking this then anyone can see your profile including people who aren't even signed up for YouDot.To change private status go to your control panel and go to account settings and un/check the box and hit change privacy settings.

Your security question should be something you can remember for password recovery in case you ever forget or have someone take over your account. RECOVERY QUESTION ANSWERS CANNOT BE CHANGED!!! so make sure it is something you can remember.

Password: Last but certainly not least is passwords. They can be up to 32 characters long. If you used all 32 characters for your password and used all different types of characters, upper case, punctuation, lower case, etc... then there would be over 1,980,116,518,201,111,000,000,000 combinations that would have to be guessed before an attacker got it right. We encourage you to have as long of passwords as you can make without forgetting it. Please password protection is the biggest factor in keeping an account safe so make sure yours is!!!

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