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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

YouDot is a free service, however by using this service you agree to uphold these Terms of Service. By not upholding these terms you are forfeitting your account for termination and you will never be able to recover it. These terms will be enforced and not taken lightly by the staff here at YouDot.
These Terms of Service may change at any time and effect anyone who is already registered or those who will come to register for this service.

1. Account Registration:
Do not register accounts just so that you can upload to our servers, we will delete your account and everything on it. Do not create accounts just to create accounts, if you do this all accounts you have registered with will be deleted.

2. Usage:
On this service there will be no references to the following: Hacking, Warez, Threats, Pornography, Buying or Selling Drugs, or Racism.
If any of these are found on your site or in comments made by you action WILL be taken and your account WILL be terminated.
No ads may be placed on this service (Such as google/yahoo ads).
Tampering with the copyright will be terms for termination.
Hiding the user bar will result in a warning and then possible termination if continued.

YouDot IS NOT responsible for any content on any user pages, but will take action against those pages if seen.

3. Privacy Policy:
In no way will we use any data entered to give to other websites or users. The data you enter is completely private, it is only used for verification to make sure it is actually you who is registering/logging in. We will not email you unless you specify that we should. WE WILL, however, cooperate with law enforcement and give all information we have on your account if necessary, but no one else besides law enforcement will be allowed access to that information.

If you see anyone breaking these rules you can report them here

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